Artist Statement

The theme of my artwork is influenced by a childhood fascination with the urban environment. My mother was a flight attendant throughout most of my youth and on many occasions I would travel with her to different cities across the country. I remember that one of my favorite parts about flying was looking down over the cities during landing and takeoff. Although, I lived in a suburban environment I had often encountered the city because it was where I attended school and my father worked. The contrast of my experiences in the urban and suburban environments made me aware of the structural differences.

My work is a collection of abstract paintings and drawings that entertain the dynamic between organization and chaos. I begin by tracing the grid of historical city maps. I hand make stencils with the tracings and use them to reproduce sections of those grids. I then loosely draw and paint over the geometric pattern using acrylic materials and charcoal. I experiment with different mediums and textures. Process is a major part of my work. Making the stencils is the most deliberate and time-consuming part of my art making process. Significantly less time is spent executing the final product. My intension is to combine calculated precise mark making with automatic mark making to demonstrate the contrast between configured manmade patterns and loose organic patterns.
Lauren McCallin

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